Monday, April 27, 2020

Mahamandleshwar yog Mata keiko Aikawa contribute 2 cr yen to PM Cares Fund.

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India is a Spiritual Country and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is a World Leader . In his leadership ,citizens of india are highly motivated and energetic in fighting against covid 19. India will recover soon from this epidemic under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi ji।
Today, Sunil Saini, a disciple of Pilot Baba, sent the amount through a letter to Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat .
Param Pujya Yogguru and Yog Mata said that the BJP itself is fighting the corona epidemic like a warrior. Yog Mata thanked all the media personnel, health workers, cleaning workers, police personnel etc. Mahamandaleshwar Yogmata Kieko Ikawa and Mahamandaleshwar Mahayogi Pilot Baba Ji said that Uttarakhand Pradesh is marching on the path of all-round progress under the leadership of Chief Minister Rawat
Mahamandaleshwar Yogmata Kiko Ikawa gave the message to follow the rules of Lock Down.
While the saints were mercilessly beaten to death in another Palghar, the Sant Samaj is giving Modi strength in the war against Corona in the opposite state of the country.
Ms. Yogmata Keiko Aikawa, “The Mother of Yoga,” who promotes peace across the globe through the practice of yoga and meditation.
“Through meditation and yoga, we are able to help ourselves find balance and harmony in our lives, which we can in turn share with others as we spread kindness” said Master Yogmata.
Her Holiness Yogmata Keiko Aikawa is also a highest ranking priest “Mahamandaleshwar” in the largest spiritual austerities association in India “Juna Akara”, thereby genuinely representing the spiritual tradition handed down in India and one of only two yogis officially certified by the Indian Government as being completely capable of performing Public Samadhi demonstrations in national occasions